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Hollywood Stars in the City

See where movies have been filmed and celebrities have partied.

New York City is a hot spot for Hollywood stars. The NYC streets have been the scene of many movies, TV shows, celebrity dramas, and some even make the Big Apple their home. NYC has plenty of attractions that give you an inside look at where it all goes down; we’ve compiled a list of our 3 favorite movie/TV related attractions.

1) On Location Tours- NYC

On Location Tours is guided tour that takes you into the star-studded heart of the city. Their knowledgeable guides will take you in the footsteps of your favorite TV and movie characters. See where the cast of Glee performed, visit the Daily Bugle offices from Spider-Man, pass the hotel featured in American Hustle, and have a drink at McGee’s pub- the inspiration for MacLarens in How I Met Your Mother. On Location Tours also offers a walking tour of Central Park, and other focused tours such as Sex & the City Hotspots and Gossip Girl Sites.

NYC subway station in Times Square.

2) TMZ Tours NYC

TMZ Tours will take you to the sites of celebrity drama on their custom designed bus led by hilarious tour guides. Get the inside scoop with hot celebrity gossip, see exclusive TMZ footage, and more. You might even get to meet a few famous faces. Treat yourself to the ultimate NY celebrity experience.

3) Madame Tussauds

Seeing movie hot spots and celebrities from a bus is one thing, having your picture taken with them is another thing- wax replicas, that is. Madame Tussauds is the one place in NYC where you can get a picture with Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Sofia Vergara, and a Storm Trooper all in the same place. Be sure to bring your camera and visit one of the most popular attractions in the city for locals and tourists alike.

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